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Our Approach

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Pre-Prosthetic Care

Depending on the level of amputation and condition of the tissue and skin, we can provide a number of early management approaches. These include various types of dressings, shrinkers, and pneumatic devices. We can provide upper-extremity amputees with treatment and training to potentially use myoelectric devices.

Consultation and Evaluation

To best understand your unique and specific needs, we schedule a free consultation and evaluation of your prosthetic options.


To attain an intimate and comfortable fitting prosthetic socket, we routinely use diagnostic fittings. Depending on the anticipated level of activity, these fittings are accomplished in both static and dynamic conditions.


We fabricate personalized prosthetic devices our own laboratory, ensuring the highest standards of construction with strict adherence to the prescription criteria. We may also utilize centralized fabrication sources when it is in your best interest.

Preparatory/Temporary Prostheses

We design custom-fitted preparatory prostheses for early intervention of all levels of amputations for maximizing the rehabilitation outcomes.

Definitive/Permanent Prostheses

Lower Extremity – We are experienced in traditional prosthetic management as well as all of the advanced types of socket fittings. These include the CAD-CAM method for above-knee amputees and the TSB (Total Surface Bearing) and silicone suction socket designs for below-knee amputees.

We make use of state-of-the-art componentry, ultralight flexible plastic sockets, and various energy storing systems.

Upper Extremity – A full range of both body-powered and myoelectrically powered prostheses are available.

Fitting and Delivery

The fitting process may require more than one visit. We fully instruct our patients in donning, doffing, use, and maintenance of their new device.

Follow-Up Visits

This is an essential component of our professional service. We schedule patients for routine visits to the office to ensure proper fit and function of their orthotic/prosthetic appliance.