'Rob Murphy experimenting
with prototype dive legs
only 4 months after his accident!!!'
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Our Orthotics & Prosthetics Office

Approximately 80% of our business involves custom fabricated devices and when a custom device is called for, the patient’s first visit will likely include a casting or impression for the appliance. The custom-made device is usually fabricated on-site and may take several days to construct. Qualified technicians at Florida O & P work under the supervision of the practitioner in the actual fabrication. This will begin with a modification process of the model. The modification process is crucial to the success of the fit and is often labor intensive. The entire fabrication process demands a thorough knowledge of the patient’s anatomy, goals and expectations in conjunction with the physician’s expectations. When the custom fabricated device is completed, the practitioner will fit and deliver the device during a scheduled visit or series of visits. The fitting time will vary, depending on the type of appliance and the complexity of the problem being treated.


  • Lower Limb Orthoses – functional, supportive and corrective
  • Upper Limb Orthoses - functional, supportive and corrective
  • Spinal and Cervical – all types
  • Fracture Orthoses – ultimate in protection and comfort
  • Nocturnel Scollosis Management – modern, proven
  • Sports Orthoses – feet, knees, ankles and shoulders
  • Inhibition-facilitation Deorthotvices – for patients with excessive tones
  • Soft Good - custom fitted for support
  • Pedorthotics - diabetic and arthritis specialist


  • Lightweight Geriatric Designs – ultra light, comfortable and strong
  • Sports Prosthetics – energy storing, high performance
  • Flexible Socket Designs – ultimate comfort
  • Energy Storing Foot Systems – Flexfoot, Seattle, Endolite, College Park
  • Myoelectric Systems – ultimate independence
  • Preparatory and Immediate Post-Op Prostheses – complete rehabilitative management
  • State-of-the-Art Upper Extremity – Otto Bock certified

  Florida O & P takes pride in operating a long-standing and fully-equipped central fabrication facility to support and service all of our locations. Our practitioners are certified in advanced computerized prosthetics, such as the C-LEG and Rheo knee systems. Our teams of trained and experienced technicians are fully capable of manufacturing orthotic/prosthetic appliances to the highest industry standards, as directed by the practitioner. This in-house manufacturing allows us to manage and embrace the all important turn-around time. This ensures that each patient receives the highest-quality appliance in the shortest possible time period. Contact us at 888-279-7025 to request more information about our services.

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