'Rob Murphy experimenting
with prototype dive legs
only 4 months after his accident!!!'
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Dive Buddies Part II

Before we could start prosthetic legs for Rob, he had to endure a tough healing process. There were wound vacs right on the end of his amputations, then skin grafts, wound care, shrinker socks and physical therapy.
Four months later, he was ready physically… he was ready emotionally from day one and was gunning for these legs. We cast and got started. I was concerned that Rob’s short lengths below the knee would not be strong enough yet to balance with only supra-condylar support. Turns out we had to go with external knee joints (like a knee brace). We still made the sockets with full suction with my double wall design, so Rob had max control.
He took full advantage and got going right away. Sometimes, I worried that Rob was handling things too well. Most young people go through a terrible grieving process and depression, before they are ready to tackle walking. Not Rob. He wasn’t focused on the past, he wanted to move forward. Again, he impressed me.
The day Rob got his legs, Rob’s mom put her hands on either side of his face in the parking lot and kissed him. “What a relief!” she said. By the looks of it, everyone had dust in their eyes… even me.

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  • Dive Buddies Part II
  • Dive Buddies Part II