'Rob Murphy experimenting
with prototype dive legs
only 4 months after his accident!!!'
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Custom Made vs. Custom Fit

All prosthetics are custom made for an amputee. At Florida O & P, our practitioners determine based on the patient’s needs and input what type of prosthetic components will best assist the patient. We then take the cast or measurements and proceed with the fabrication process.

A custom made orthotic is fabricated either in our on-site labs or through an outside resource. Most custom orthotics are cast with plaster bandaging or specific measurements are taken. The need for a custom made item is either dictated by the patient’s physician or as the result of an off-shelf item (custom fit) being unable to accommodate the needs of a patient.

Custom fit (off-shelf) orthotics are items that come in standard sizing from the manufacturer and are then modified and custom fit according to physician prescription and patient’s medical needs. Most custom fit (off-shelf) items can be provided on a patient’s initial visit to one of our offices thereby avoiding further visits, other than for follow-up care.

Whether your device is custom made or custom fit, our team at Florida O & P is dedicated to providing the highest quality device available. If for any reason you require adjustment or modification of your device, we do not charge for office visits. Contact us at 888-279-7025 to request more information about our services.

  • Custom Made vs. Custom Fit